We will advise and guide you in respect of all matters where there is a dispute arising whether this is before a Court, Personal Injuries Board Action, Employment Appeals Tribunal or otherwise.

We can provide you with effective legal representation protecting your interests and ensuring that your case is represented in the  most effective way. We are independent and work closely with Counsel and likeminded professionals to ensure that our clients have the best possible team around them as expert evidence is very often of critical importance. We set out below a brief summary of the main areas of litigation work


Whether you have a partnership dispute, a breach of contract, a Planning Dispute, Landlord and Tenant issues or a property dispute we can represent your interests. We have significant experience of acting on behalf of all clients. Experience has shown us that effective legal representation can make all the difference to clients in terms of results. 


We can assist you by explaining the procedure which will apply in your given situation, the steps which will be required to be completed to being a resolution of the matter. In advance of being instructed in any matter we are happy to discuss at length the options available and the likelihood of success. Professional negligence claims arise where negligent professional advice is given causing the client to incur loss, this maybe a loss of opportunity or a financial loss.Whether you are an employee or employer we can represent your interests. We are familiar with all employment law legislation and keep up to date with recent decisions and case law. We are happy to draft/review contracts of employment, grievance and disciplinary procedures. We also will act on your behalf before Rights Commissioner, EAT or in court proceedings.

*In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement


When a relationship breaks down there are difficult decisions to be made but understanding your position from a legal point of view can certainly help clients move forward and out of the situation within which they find themselves. We provide full support to our clients in making these decisions and ensure that there affairs are dealt with so as to allow the best possible outcome.


Perhaps we can help in advising your company in respect of Company Law issues which may be affecting the smooth running of your business. We can help with the following;

- Company Restorations

- Partnership Disputes

- Injunctions,

- Shareholder Disputes

- Corporate Recovery work

- Directors duties